S120CDW Vaughn 120 Gallon Aqua Booster Storage Tank

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  • Heavy Duty Construction - Seamless Hydrastone lining provides long tank life and the plastic jacket will not rust, scratch or dent
  • 2" thick polyurethane foam insulation reduces stand-by heat loss to maximize operating efficiency
  • No Sacrificial Anode Rod - Reduces operation expenses by eliminating periodic inspection and replacement costs associated with maintaining an anode rod
  • Advanced electronic controller - Electronic thermostat provides accurate and reliable temperature control
  • Built-in heat trap ensures highly efficient operation
  • Warranty 10 year non-prorated
Vaughn's High Efficiency Storage Tank, the "Aqua Booster", combines high efficiency polyurethane foam insulation with our Hydrastone lining to provide an easy, economical solution to hot water shortages. This is particularly true in configurations where existing boilers lack the capacity to meet heavy draw requirements. Vaughn's unique design eliminates the need for a sacrificial anode rod and provides our tanks with the lowest stand-by heat loss in the industry. The result is a maintenance free, long lasting hot water storage tank. Available in a wide variety of sizes, the Vaughn storage is an ideal, versatile fit for any hydronic system design.