Order / Ship From Location

Order Processing.

Placing items in the shopping cart.

The Shopping Cart.

Check Out - Billing and Shipping.

Check Out - Review and Pay.

Check Out - Order Confirmation.

Order / Ship From Location

Please not the The Granite Group location selected in the header (as shown in the screen shot below) is the location where your OnLine Store order will be placed to and where the order will be shipped from.

  • You can change the location you are ordering from by clicking the name of the location and selecting a new location from the list.
  • The web site will remember your selection for the next time you sign in.
  • NOTE:You do not need to order from multiple locations because of inventory availability. Your local Granite Group branch will handle all transfers and POs accordingly.

Order Processing

The OnLine Store uses a typical ecommerce “shopping cart” experience to facilitate order processing. Users will place items in their shopping cart and “check out” the cart in order to create an actual order.

Checkout flow

Ordering on the site will typically flow as follows

  1. User will place items in their shopping cart
  2. When ready users will click the shopping cart button to view the cart
  3. From the Shopping cart page users will click the "Check Out" button
  4. Select the a ship to on the Bill to Ship to page
  5. Enter Header information such as
    • Select a ship method
    • Delivery date
    • Enter header notes
    • Select the order type (quote or order)
    • Enter PO number or name
  6. Place the Order or Quote and receive an Order Confirmation

Each step is described below

Placing items in the shopping cart

Users can place items in their shopping cart in several ways

  1. From the product list page. Click the cart icon, enter a quantity and click the “Add to Cart” button. 
  2. From the Product Detail page. Enter a quantity and click the “Add to Cart” button.
  3. From a Wishlist by updating quantities and clicking either the “Add to Cart” button to add only that item or clicking the “Add All to Cart” button to add all the items and their quantities to the shopping cart.
  4. Add items from the Order History order list.
  5. Add items from Order Details page
  6. Using Quick Order – described in a later section

The Shopping Cart

  1. Shows the total quantity orders.
  2. Line items (products ordered and their quanities
  3. The total order amount.
  4. Checkout, Save, and Clear cart buttons

Check Out - Billing and Shipping

  1. Billing Information - cannot be changed
  2. Shipping information - Use the same as the bill to.
  3. Or select or create a ship to
    1. Select an existing Ship to note a Ship To starting with "ACCT" is a Granite Group ship to that cannot be edited but can be selected. A ship to starting with WEB is one that is created on the web site and can be maintained on the web site in the My Account --> Addresses menu.
    2. Create a new ship to that will be saved to and can be managed on the web site
  4. Click to continue the checkout process

Check Out - Review and Pay

  1. Shipping and Billing information.
  2. Transaction Type: Select "Place Order on Account" to create an Order or select Submit as Quote to create a quote.
    Note: Once a Transaction Type is selected you will have the option to "Save Cart" as well as "Place Order".
  3. Shipping method. Must be selected from: Will Call, Pick Up, or Delivery.
  4. Enter a PO number or name if needed.
  5. Enter a future date if you don't need the order right away. The order will have the current date if no date is entered.
  6. Add header notes if needed.
  7. Place order button - submits the order to The Granite Group.

Check Out - Order Confirmation

Once the order is placed the user will see the order confirmation page. NOTE: The on screen order confirmation page will not have the order number. The order number will be in the email oder notificatio sent as well as in order history.

An eMail confirmation with the Order Number is also sent to several email addresses:

  • The user who submitted the order.
  • The email on the company record.
  • The sales email of the location the order was placed to.
  • The outside sales rep on the customer record.

There are also buttons for:

  1. Buttons to Continue shopping.
  2. Order confrimation message. Please note that even Quotes will say "Thank you for your Order". Rest ashured that if you entered a quote, the order is quote.
  3. Fulfillment expectations please review these here .
  4. Order totals
  5. Buttons to Print or Continue shopping.